Monday, January 31, 2011

Save the ta-tas

So the other day I needed new underwear. Hopefully this isn’t "t.m.i.," but all God’s children wear underwear. Well, they all should. Anyway, I was taking it out of the package to wash it and I saw that there were breast cancer pink ribbons on the waist band. I was perplexed. I am all for breast cancer awareness, but these undies were not going anywhere near my breasts. I began to think more and more about it even though I know that there are many products that have the pink ribbons that have nothing to do with breasts. However, my mind still needed to make a connection between the two. The only correlation that I could come up with takes me back to elementary school and assemblies regarding "good-touch bad-touch," and the "uh-oh feeling." BUT, this did make me think more about breast cancer every time I put on a new pair of my undies. And then it dawned on me on how to make more people aware of cancer and cancer prevention: put reminders on articles of clothing that correspond with a cancer that is prevalent in that area of the body. For instance, reminders for a mammogram on bras, reminders to have a colonoscopy on underwear, and reminders to have a pap-smear on feminine products. Just an idea I am throwing out there folks. Maybe I could send this idea to the American Cancer Society with mom? Or not. ;)


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Can you smell what the Rock is cooking?

So for a while now I have become aware that I am very easily led by signage. Also anything that has glitter, twinkle lights, and/or is in miniature. Only recently did I realize that I am in love with febreze. Crazy I know, but I saw an ad on TV for garbage bags scented with febreze and I had to have them. There is a part of me that is always excited about a new cleaning product, but the introduction of febreze has changed my life! No joke. And even a better day occurred when they began to sell bo-bo (ghetto slang term for knockoff) febreze at the Dollar Tree. Febreze can be in my laundry detergent, garbage bags, room air freshener, swifter cleaner, etc. I am addicted. Part of me has a feeling that there is a group of people who know about me and my predilection to this fabulous product. I love you proctor and gamble for continuing to add it to many products, knowing full well that there are people like me out there who will buy anything that you add it to. Well played genius febreze people, well played.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

And so it begins...

So here it is, my blog. You will notice that it really does not have a proper title. When I set it up I was feeling extremely un-witty, so alas, it is what it is. If any of y’all have any suggestions for a better title, I am open to them. I am finally blogging because my grandmother is always telling me that I need to write. If she is the only one who finds me amusing, then that is good enough for me. This blog will be full of my insanity, comma splices (those are my favorite grammar mistakes to make), AND stories about my dog and my nephew.