Friday, December 30, 2011

My Birthday in a nutshell.

7:30 am Crawl into bed with Mom. She tells me the story of my first birthday.

8:15 am Already late in getting ready for work, I forgo the shower and dress myself in yellow.

8:50 am Leave a few minutes early to go to Burger King and Starbucks for breakfast.

8:51 am Scrape the frost off of the windshield

8:52 am Curse the blankety-blank car because it won't start.

8:52 am Try to start the car again.

8:53 am Try to start the car again. There goes Starbucks. But I still have time for Burger King.

8:54 am Try to start the car again. There goes Burger King too.

8:55 am Call Mom to come and help me start her blankety-blank car.

8:56 am Car FINALLY starts.

8:57 am Realize that the car is on E.

9:05 am Put gasoline in car. Now late for work.

9:35 am Arrive at work frustrated and hungry.

10:00 am Cough and blow my nose.

10:03 am Cough and blow my nose again.

1:30 pm Eat the lunch that my daddy made for me. Finally get to sit down.

3:13 pm More coughing and nose blowing.

5:25 pm Wahoo! Finally got caught up at work so I can take a break and sit on my duff.

6:45 pm Leave store and begin the process of delivering the clothes.

8:15 pm FINALLY leave work.

8:23 pm Drink some yummy hot chocolate from Starbucks.

9:00 pm Get home and go hang out upstairs with mommy.

9:30 pm Open Presents from the parentals.

9:45 pm Take some cold medicine and go off the sleepy land.

Have no fear! I will have a proper Birthday celebration on Saturday.
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And thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! They were much appreciated!


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!

"You sit on a throne of lies. You smell like beef and cheese."


Monday, December 5, 2011

Let's make some lemonade!

So it is funny how things eventually work out in life. I sat in the airport for almost an entire day today, praying that I would make it on a flight home. And now I am sitting in a comfy first class seat having just watched a movie I was dying to see. Now I am listening to Adele while writing to my peeps on my long neglected blog. Is it bad if I realize that I am an extremely lucky/spoiled person?! Cause I think that I am. This whole trip ended on a completely different day than originally planned. I was going to come home on Saturday evening, but I woke up Saturday morning early with some gastrointestinal distress. Then it quickly morphed into vomiting. Yeah for me. Sorry if too much info. But anyway, I had the chills and a fever and there was no way that I was going to be able to leave my bed let alone travel across the country. I had already paid the $40 to ride the shuttle, so I was totally out of luck getting that non-refundable money back. But what is $40 when you think that you are going to die? Do you feel sorry for me yet? All of Saturday and part of Sunday were a complete blur, mostly because I was asleep for the majority of it. But after eating nothing but powerade and ginger ale for 36 hours, I figured that I could try to come home. Especially since no one else could cover for me at work past Monday. So we get to the long day at the airport and then the all of the spoiling that I got on the airplane. Hopefully my dad AND my luggage with both be there when I get off the plane so I can get home and kiss my puppies and sleep in my own bed!


P.S. My luggage was NOT there and it was lost with no id tag on it. I should have listened to The Spirit when it told me to make sure my address was on ALL of my belongings. However Heavenly Father was looking out for me and I had a bag inside of it that had my name on it. I got my bag back with all of my stuff in it AND I got back the tube with the picture of my sister and Kizzie that Jack drew with charcoal that I lost in the lost baggage counter. Ironic, no?

Here is a little teaser of my trip to Arizona...