Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Reason number 273 why people need cognitive behavioral therapy...

I saw this this morning when a friend posted it.  I almost started to chuckle, but then I stopped myself.  

I CAN remember the first time I thought that I was fat.  

I was in 1st grade.  

1st grade people.  

I was late to school because I didn’t want to go to school.  I was upset and told my parents that I looked fat in my outfit.  I can still remember what I was wearing.  Green pants and a green turtleneck.  I thought that my stomach looked huge.  My parents were so worried that they called the school counselor and told her what happened.  I was called into her office.  I was so mad at my parents because I felt that they were making a bigger deal out of it than it needed to be.  The counselor was a nice lady, and I remember her asking me why I thought that I was fat.  

I have no idea what I said to her.  


Monday, November 23, 2015

Basted in blood...

I know that I already posted this on my facebook, but I have been looking for this link on the internet this time of year for years.  Did that make sense?  Because it did in my head.  Enjoy:

Lil :)

Monday, August 10, 2015

What I miss the most...

So a couple of weeks ago I moved back to Georgia from Texas.

I didn't realize that I would miss it so much.

The move was not planned, so I guess that I didn't really have time to prepare myself mentally for it anyway.

BUT, the whole point of this post is that I miss my babies terribly!  I do NOT miss the diapers, being woken up in the morning at the crack of dawn, or never having a moment to myself (not even in the bathroom).

I DO miss:
~The loves and cuddles.
~Being told multiple times a day that I am loved.
~Sharing a room with Kizzie and having her talk to me until I fall asleep at night.  (Sometimes she would keep talking even after I fell asleep.)
~Being able to talk to my sister all the time.
~Bruce, the dog.
~I was even missing them at church yesterday and wishing that I was at church with them!  How crazy is that?!  I used to hate going to church with them since I never heard what was going on during all of Sacrament Meeting.
~Being around them and part of their everyday lives and the little things that they would say and do that were so hilarious.

Hopefully one of these days I will be able to visit them.
Until then I will use Skype.


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Don't Mess With Texas!

So, I moved to Texas at the end of last week.  Kinda crazy.  And as-per-usual, I meant to blog about the whole move before now.  But this is about all that I can remember at this point.  Sorry if I leave out anything too interesting, but I doubt it.  It was pretty boring once we got going.

I was supposed to leave on the Friday afternoon before Easter.
Guess when I actually left?
 @ 9:00 pm.
Yeah.  It was that kind of day.

I was supposed to get the littlest U-haul trailer Friday morning, but every time I called the place that I was designated to pick up the trailer from NO ONE ever answered.  And there was no voice mail set up either.  I even went down to the place itself and is was soooo ghetto and pretty much abandoned.  I called U-haul and they gave me another place to pick up the trailer.  At that point I only could go there and talk to the person to make sure that I had all of the appropriate materials to tow the trailer with my Dad's truck.  I didn't have enough time to actually pick up the trailer since I had a doctors appointment at 1:00 pm.  I ran by the U-haul place long enough for me to find out that we did NOT have all of the pieces for the correct hitch.
I went to the doctors appointment.  (Where the doctor was over an hour behind. As per usual.)  And then I came straight home.  Now I had NO trailer and I had NOT even packed my clothes yet.  What can I say?  I am a complete procrastinator.

During my doctors appointment, somehow, my Grandpa found out about all that was happening with the U-haul and stuff.  And in the sweetest, most humble way, my Grandpa offered to pay for the smallest U-haul Truck instead of me paying for all of the issues with the hitch on my dad's truck.
So Dad and I made it to the U-haul place and after a very long saga, that one day I might blog about, a nice woman finally let us have the U-haul truck.  Dad and I went home to pack what I had packed into the U-haul while I finished packing all of my other things.
Just a couple of highlights from that part...
~It was raining. (Joy)
~My mom was waiting on us to pick her up from work and she kept calling every 15 minutes to check our status. (I kinda went off on her.  Sorry Mom)
~I was so far behind on my packing it was ridiculous.  (Which was my own fault.)

 After we finally loaded up the moving truck and picked up Mom in the moving van it literally was 9:00 pm and raining pretty badly.  Mom and Dad were in the moving van while Bruce (my bro-in-law's dog we were returning) and I were in my car.

We were finally on the road!

(to be continued...)


Monday, August 19, 2013

Pass the denture bond!

A week ago today I had two molars pulled.  They were in pretty bad shape and couldn't really be saved.  Anyway, I feel like the poor unfortunate souls from The Little Mermaid.  I am just gummy smile, at least in the back part of my mouth.  Just wanted to add a little update on my life.  Nothing too shocking or interesting.  Man, I need to get a more exciting life! ;)
Lily :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fat guy in a little coat.

You only need to watch this link for the first minute.  The rest does not pertain to me.
I feel like J.D. every time I wear these two shirts together.  The bottom one is high enough, but too short.  The top one is too low cut and long enough.  Together they work.  Separate I look like J.D.


Monday, June 24, 2013

Can I get an Amen?!

(after the first 2 minutes it gets pretty boring and repetitive)

I felt that I needed a little M.C. Hammer today.  I turned in an application for a job that I hope will work out, and I miss my sister even though she was here 2 weeks ago.  I feel like I didn't even get to see her very much since I still had to work.  :(  But I just need to remember the profound words of M.C. Hammer, "You got to pray. You got to pray just to make it today."