Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Don't Mess With Texas!

So, I moved to Texas at the end of last week.  Kinda crazy.  And as-per-usual, I meant to blog about the whole move before now.  But this is about all that I can remember at this point.  Sorry if I leave out anything too interesting, but I doubt it.  It was pretty boring once we got going.

I was supposed to leave on the Friday afternoon before Easter.
Guess when I actually left?
 @ 9:00 pm.
Yeah.  It was that kind of day.

I was supposed to get the littlest U-haul trailer Friday morning, but every time I called the place that I was designated to pick up the trailer from NO ONE ever answered.  And there was no voice mail set up either.  I even went down to the place itself and is was soooo ghetto and pretty much abandoned.  I called U-haul and they gave me another place to pick up the trailer.  At that point I only could go there and talk to the person to make sure that I had all of the appropriate materials to tow the trailer with my Dad's truck.  I didn't have enough time to actually pick up the trailer since I had a doctors appointment at 1:00 pm.  I ran by the U-haul place long enough for me to find out that we did NOT have all of the pieces for the correct hitch.
I went to the doctors appointment.  (Where the doctor was over an hour behind. As per usual.)  And then I came straight home.  Now I had NO trailer and I had NOT even packed my clothes yet.  What can I say?  I am a complete procrastinator.

During my doctors appointment, somehow, my Grandpa found out about all that was happening with the U-haul and stuff.  And in the sweetest, most humble way, my Grandpa offered to pay for the smallest U-haul Truck instead of me paying for all of the issues with the hitch on my dad's truck.
So Dad and I made it to the U-haul place and after a very long saga, that one day I might blog about, a nice woman finally let us have the U-haul truck.  Dad and I went home to pack what I had packed into the U-haul while I finished packing all of my other things.
Just a couple of highlights from that part...
~It was raining. (Joy)
~My mom was waiting on us to pick her up from work and she kept calling every 15 minutes to check our status. (I kinda went off on her.  Sorry Mom)
~I was so far behind on my packing it was ridiculous.  (Which was my own fault.)

 After we finally loaded up the moving truck and picked up Mom in the moving van it literally was 9:00 pm and raining pretty badly.  Mom and Dad were in the moving van while Bruce (my bro-in-law's dog we were returning) and I were in my car.

We were finally on the road!

(to be continued...)


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